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Meir Martin is a Publisher of the book 
"Desert Birds of Israel" 1986

Now based in Florida. 
Best known for his exhibition work, "Everglades Surreal Nature" 2012 in the Main Library, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Meir Martin Display his, Panoramic artwork, 40 Feet long of the Everglades, and the, Ceiling art work 
Display in 
One of A Kind Frame. 

I was lucky to take this Mail and female Owl In the Dead Sea Israel 1985. ( This is the only picture in the world of Mail and Female together) At the time the name was Hume's Tawny Owl. This picture was in my Book " Desert Birds of Isreal". In 2014 this Owl Become a New species. The new name " Strix hadorami". I have the privilege to work with Hadoram in the begging of his career. Click on the picture to read more.
1442 SW 12 Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida. 33069
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Great egret, white egret Birds of Florida
Meir Martin Artwork of Nature in One Of A Kind Frame.
Meir Martin Calling artwork of Florida Nature.
Meir Martin Art Surreal Nature
Meir Martin Mural artwork of Nature