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Meir Martin Nature Photographer since 1970

Imagine Meir Martin's Artwork on Your Wall
​Meir Martin from the Film ere 1970, Manual focus camera, 
to the Digital world.  

However, the Imagination and the skill of capturing birds and panoramic, deliver a new form of art "Meir Martin's Artwork" and Ceiling artwork

Surreal O Real, Meir Martin's Artwork of Birds in Nature with a Twist of Imagination and art.

All my artwork sold as Original.

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Imaging Birds will dance ballet
Ceiling artwork above your hade. sold as Original
360 round from 44" up to ---
The Ballerinas Dance. Meir Martin Surreal O Real
Meir Martin Artwork in customer Home
Meir Martin Frame & Artwork Sold
Size 20x90" Everglades Apoxyee Panoramic sold as Original Text is for Pricing.
Size 20x90" Everglades Apoxyee Panoramic sold as Original Text us for Pricing.

MM-481 Size 20x60 Wakodahatchee Great Blue Heron