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The mystique of Jerusalem and especially the architecture in the old city, that was a one mile from my home. 
Brought me to the world of Photography.

I served in the Israeli Navy in the most amazing places on Earth, where the sun is red and the orange blue is the ocean color.

The Sinai desert and the ocean moved me to be a professional photographer, when every picture cannot reflect the reality. 
After completing my service in the Navy, I open my first Studio, and  began photographing the old city of Jerusalem and the nature that surrounds Jerusalem. From wadding and modeling pictures that was my income, I discover that Israel has one of the biggest avian migrations in the world, and Eilat became a hot spot for me.

I split my time, Studio to Birds. My goal was to publish the Book "Desart Birds Of Israel".
While on my many drives from the North of Israel, to Eilat,  we discovered many new species in Israel.

1986 I  published the book, "Desert Birds of Israel." In this book I have the two remaining, ‘Lappet Faced Vultures” in Israel, only six months after publishing the book; the birds became extinct from that region.

And in 2014 the world add a new species of birds, "Desert Tawny Owl: New Species of Bird Discovered",  I photographed the first picture in the world of the Hume’s Owl (Strix butleri) male and the female (old name) in the Dead Sea. 1984.

From the 1982 to 1987, I photographed more than 20 new species to Israel, and photograph more than 370 speeches, of birds in Israel.

I traveled to Africa and other places in the word to complete my book, "desert Birds of Israel".

When the world move to the Digital I started creating a new, art that combines: Photography, Computer Technology, lot of imagination, and time. 

By combining all of these elements I have called my art, SuRReal Nature. All of my prints are on 'High quality Exhibition Canvas Gloss". Visit SuRReal and see the Ceilling Artwork.
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Meir Martin Genesis. One Of A Kind Frame
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August 8, 2012|By Phillip Valys, Sun Sentinel
Pompano Beach artist Meir Martin creates 1,000-pound, spinning photo collage of Everglades bird life.
Exhibition: Downtown Fort Lauderdale Main Library August-08 to October 10-2012
Meir Martin Israel 1987 
Publishing the book “Desert Birds of Israel” 

"Desert Birds of Israel." In this book I have the two remaining Lappet Faced Vultures in Israel, only six months after publishing the book; the birds became extinct from that region.
Lappet-faced Vulture or Nubian Vulture (Torgos tracheliotos) was endemic to the Israel desert territory. 
This is the only picture of the eel population remained in Israel Desert 1987.  Six munch after photograph the lappet face vulture it becomes extinct from Israel.  

The Israeli lappet faced vulture is different from his family in Africa. 

Meir Martin 2014 USA, Florida as A wildlife Photographer
Meir Martin Birds of Israel Desert Tawny Owl (Strix hadorami)
1982 Nikon F2 1000mm Lanse
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