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Everglades Surreal Nature 
0049 feed me mother
0050 Storm in everglades_2
0051 We are flying togatther_2
0052-Owl of the Everglades
0059-Everglades Birds_3
0061 Everglades Here come the sun
0071 Gold Color_2
0077 Dinner Island Ranch
0087 Red Moon_2
0097 Apoxee_2
0100 Rise of the Sun
0124 I am Beautiful_2
0128 Beautiful Snail kite of the Everglades
0131 Owl of the Everglades_2
0135 Red Evrerglades_1
0141 Burrowing Owl of the Everglades_2
0143 it will be a good day
0145 tree of life_2
0146 Sunrise and Bird
0148 picture of the everglades_2
0150 Everglades on fire _5
0153 This Is Heaven_2
0509 Color of the everglades_2
0536 I see the sunset
0569 I Love You_1_2
0683 Vulture of the Everglades
0704 Storm coming to  everglades
0737 Sahara_2
0807 I am in Heaven
0813 Egret of the Everglades_2
0001 I see all of you In One of A King Frame
Surreal Nature the Everglades Florida wildlife of Birds and Sunset
Meir Martin is a Publisher of the book "Desert Birds of Israel", Now based in Florida. 
Best known for his exhibition work, "Everglades Surreal Nature" 2012 in the Main Library, Downtown Fort Louderdal, Florida.
Meir Martin Known for his, Panoramic artwork of the Everglades, 40 Feet long and the, Ceiling artwork Display in One Of A kind Frame, 
1442 SW 12 Ave, Pompano Beach, Florida. 33069
© copyright Meir Martin
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