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Meir Martin Nature Photographer since 1970

White Gallery
White Gallery

The White Gallery by Meir Martin.
All my artwork combines capturing the Birds in Nature and painting the photograph in a digital form.
The Everglades and the surrounding area such as Wakodahatchee and Dinner island, the bird's activity simply amazes me, Meir Martin.

My artwork is sold as Original (one print).
Every artwork will be sold, including the certificate of authenticity with Meir Martin's signature on the Artwork.

Why Original?

Meir Martin, the artwork will lose its value by selling many copies! The owner of the painting will appreciate the original.

A Person who buys an Original artwork stands above the rest: Meir Martin.

© copyright Meir Martin
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MM-716 Meir Martin's Artwork showcases a captivating white egret, gracefully poised like a bouquet of flowers in a vase. The 20x60" size magnifies the elegance of this majestic bird, bringing nature's beauty to life through his artistry. Explore the harmonious fusion of heart and imagination in this breathtaking masterpiece. #meirmartin #surrealnaturegallery #birdsoftheeverglades #wallart #walldecoration